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I bring more fic!

I don't have much to say about this one.  Theresa's settled in Wade's apartment a couple months after "Ground Rules."  Originally my unposted fic, "Real Friends Help Hide the Bodies" came first, but it needs editing.  I'll probably post it tomorrow.  Then, I'll probably drop off the face of the earth since I haven't written anything else yet. 

Title- Not What You Think
Fandom- Marvel
Pairing- Deadpool/Siryn
Rating- G
Genre- Fluff
Summary- Wade comes home and something good happens for once
Disclaimer- I don't own any copyrighted properties mentioned within.  They belong to their copyright holders naturally.

Not What You Think

    Wade walks in the door, kicking it shut behind him.  Doing laundry was always a pain in the ass when you lived in an apartment.  The other tenents stared if he did a little thing like, say, accidentally walk downstairs with an assault rifle strapped to his back or chat in the elevator about the merits of C-4 over Semtex.  Really, he should go downstairs and punch a few of them just to-Wait.  What was that smell?

    Wade's eyes widened in delight as he turned to look at Theresa sitting on the couch.  "You made brownies!"

    She smiled, but didn't look up from her book.  "Mm hmm.  They'd better last more'n a day this time, Wade."

    "I saved you one!" Wade protested.

    Theresa laughed in spite of herself.  That was good.  It was much better than the "Message in a Bottle" level of crying she'd been doing when she first showed up.  Wade really liked her, but it was hard to live with someone who might burst into tears when you asked if they needed anything from the hardware store.  Laughing meant she was getting past the baby thing, that he didn't have to worry about her so damn much.  It also meant he could consider her tasty eye candy again. (Because only rapists got off looking at crying chicks.  Rapists and the Japanese.) 

    Too often he'd come home from a hard days work of maiming and murdering just to stop dead in the doorway watching her.  He'd thought the whole Baby Cable thing proved he was over her for good.  It was embarrassing.  It was frustrating.  It was like being a teenager all over again.  There were too many years gone by, too many things unsaid, and too many disappointments for him to start getting worked up over her again.  She'd needed a friend and he was the only one she had who wasn't a member of Xavier's mutant cult.  Kind of sad if you thought about it.  But that was it.  Period. 

    Still, he was doing it again, the staring thing.  Here she was, just reading a book on the couch, hair tied back, with a blanket wrapped around her legs and practically swimming in that Deadpool sweatshirt and he was staring at her like some kind of dimwitted...

    Wait a minute here.  "Is that my sweatshirt?"

    Siryn looked a little sheepish.  "It's cold in here and I didnae think ye'd mind.  Do ye want it back?"

    Wade crossed his arms and said firmly, "It's mine, isn't it?  Take it off and give it back.  Right here, right now, Terry."

    She raised an eyebrow at him.   "...I'll have ye know I'm wearing a shirt underneath."  Damn her, she'd seen through his clever ploy to see boobies.

    "Nevermind then."  Opportunity for cleavage lost, Wade was quickly distracted by the presence of the TV.  "Is that wife swap show on?  I loved the one where the hippie mom moved in with the rich WASPs." 

    Wade plops down next to her, shoving his feet under the blanket.  He's too busy flipping through the channels to notice that Theresa put her book down.  She's staring at him, intently looking at his chest, arms and face.  She bites her lip, unsure just what she wants to say to him.  After a moment, she smiles sadly and settles down in the sweater, satisfied with just inhaling his scent for now.    
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