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I return!

I submitted to Dreampool's wishes and finished writing one of my fanfics.  I didn't want poor Precis to get hurt. 

It takes place 5-6 months after my other stuff and I'm going to leave the rest a surprise.  :3

Title- Swinging Through the City
Fandom- Marvel Comics
Pairing- Deadpool/Siryn
Rating- PG
Genre- Humor
Summary- Spiderman sees interesting stuff, but sometimes he should mind his own business.
Disclaimer- I don't own any copyrighted properties mentioned within.  They belong to their copyright holders naturally.

Swinging Through the City

    Sometimes Peter Parker loved being a superhero.  The job came with some great perks.  Who wouldn't love having groupies or getting that guest shot on Oprah?  People asked him to pose for pictures.   Yesterday a street vendor gave him one of the best chili dogs he'd ever had, free of charge.  Superheroism was fantastic when the public didn't hate your guts.

    However, the best part about being Spider-man (who does whatever a spider can) was webslinging through the city.  Sure, sometimes the weather was lousy or he ran into a flock of pigeons, but you couldn't beat the view.  He could probably write a best-seller about the things he'd seen.  In a way, New York City was the world's biggest, most compacted soap opera.  People lived, loved, and died here in the thousands every day under the watchful eyes of the dozens of capes and cowls who protected them. 
Peter stretched out his arm and swung past an office building, wind whistling past his face.  He spotted Daredevil on a rooftop in Mutant Town and didn't think anything of it until he was almost eight blocks away.   Daredevil was in Mutant Town, almost five miles from Hell's Kitchen.  This meant something was up, probably something big.  Since he wasn't busy, Peter swung back to lend a web or two.  DD was cool about accepting help, unlike some superheroes. 

    Spiders didn't have enhanced vision, so it wasn't until he was only a block away that he realized the silhouette was...off.  He changed direction, approaching a little more cautiously, crawling up a nearby building until he was behind Daredevil and...katanas.  Katanas, an uzi, and enough ammunition to slaughter a good sized town.  Great, now he had to deal with Deadpool.  Today had been going so well.  Now he was going to have to listen to and probably be shot at by that trigger-happy maniac.  Peter wasn't sure which was worse.

    Wilson was standing in front of the door, pinning someone else against it.  Squinting, Spider-man could see that both Wilson's swords were still sheathed.  Okay, he probably wasn't taking out a hit, unless Deadpool just planned on pushing the poor guy off the edge.  That sounded like something the mercenary would do.  He couldn't hear Deadpool talking and that was enough to put him even more on edge.  Parker approached the pair as quietly as he could.  If he could tackle Wilson and get him away from his victim, the poor schmuck had much better odds of getting away in one piece.   Not getting himself killed in the process would be a great bonus. 

    As he got nearer, Spider-man noticed just how damn close Deadpool was to the other guy.  Intimidation.  A threat.  Probably an extortion thing then.  Getting paid by the Mafia to collect on some debts.  Nice, Wilson, real nice.  Spider-man positioned himself so that he could swing down onto the merc and (hopefully) drag him all the way off the roof before he knew what hit him.  Peter should probably do just that before Deadpool notices he's there, but Spider-man's got a reputation to defend.  So he puts on that tone the supervillains hate.  He's perfected it over the years, just flippant enough to be mocking and just serious enough to sting. 

"You know, Deadpool, most people give up the whole 'give me your lunch money' routine after they graduate fifth grade.  Of course, you probably never did, but that's no excuse for bullying," He said, secretly delighting in the way the mercenary stiffens.  It's not everyday professional assassins get caught with their pants down.
    Deadpool spins around and glares at him.  His mask is pulled halfway up, exposing his mouth.  Even from this far away the tumored and scarred skin looks painful enough to make Peter wince.  In a split second, Wilson’s left hand goes up and pulls his mask back down.  Spider-man doesn’t take advantage of the opening because of where Wilson’s right hand is. 

    Deadpool's body had been effectively blocking Spider-man's view of his victim until now.  Peter had been expecting a businessman or bookie, maybe a little sleazy looking, but still in need of rescue.  What he hadn't been expecting was a disheveled Siryn with a certain mercenary's hand up her shirt, pulling the classic "caught in the middle of a make-out session" face.

    For a moment, nothing moved except for the traffic far below.  Spider-man heard himself saying, "I am so dead."

    Deadpool nods.  "Yep."

    The merc drew his gun…or tried to.  That woman had good reflexes.  She jumped forward, pinning Deadpool’s right arm between them and grabbed his left arm with both of her hands.  Even with his arm pinned, it wouldn’t have been much of a contest, but he was obviously trying to pull Siryn off without hurting her.   

    Deadpool started whining like a spoiled child.  “C’mon, Terry!  I won’t kill him, I promise.  I just want to wing him a little bit!”

    Siryn had practically wrapped herself around the merc, grabbing his katana harness for better leverage. "Wade, NO!"

    Wilson started rapidly arguing with her. "He's an asshole!  People shoot me for being one all the time!  C'mon, Terry!  Just one shot!  Just a little one in the leg?"

    Peter snickered, no way to stop it.  They looked like a pair of kids fighting over a toy truck.   It was fantastic.  The best part was Deadpool was losing to a woman half his size because he still hadn't stopped groping her.  After the snickers degenerated into full blown laughter, his spider-sense went off.  They had both stopped struggling to glare at him.  Not good.

    Deadpool looked down at Siryn and said in a wistful tone, "Please?"

    Siryn sighed and let go of Deadpool's left wrist.  “Let me handle this.”

Just like that the mercenary’s anger was gone.  Deadpool looked up at Spider-man.  “Oooh.  You’re gonna get it,” he said, cheerfully.  Wilson stepped back, finally withdrawing his right hand.  He pointed to his eyes and then towards Siryn's breasts and said, "I'll see you two later."  He skipped inside and shut the door behind him.

    “Man, that guy is a whole new kind of messed up.”


    Okay, he was really starting to feel uncomfortable with being glared at like that.  Peter had a weakness to angry redheads.  MJ would be so proud if she knew.  It didn't help that this whole awkward situation was technically his fault.
    "Yeah, I know it's none of my beeswax and I'm sorry I interrupted, but seriously lady, you have got to get better taste in boyfriends.  I'm no Love Doctor, but you can do much better than Wilson."

    Siryn drew in a breath to respond, but it was too deep for polite conversation and Spider-man reflexively jerked back just before an explosion of sound pierced his head with indescribable pain.  He hit a rooftop below hard enough to knock the wind out of him.  In a weird way, it was fascinating.  His teeth were vibrating in his jaw.  The whole world shook like an earthquake. 

    After awhile, some sound returned, but distant like the day after a hard rock concert.  Peter shakily got to his feet.  Far below, several car alarms were still going off.  The roof next to him was deserted.  Siryn hadn't stayed to review her handiwork.  He had only one guess what she'd screamed at him before storming off.

    "Mind yer own bloody business."            

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