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Fans of Wade Wilson

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2/24/11 09:15 am - peur_evol - FIRST IMPRESSIONS, DEAPOOL STYLE


You know what they say about first impressions, right?

by Daniel Way, Carlo Barbieri, and Walden Wong
from DEADPOOL #33, April 2011

2/11/11 08:51 pm - peur_evol - Deadpool Karaoke

So, who knew that Deadpool was a Neil Diamond fan?

by Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo
from WOLVERINE #5.1, April 2011

1/18/11 12:37 am - fanfic_addict01 - fighting games + deadpool

Are there any fighting games with deadpool in them or will I have to wait for the marvel VS. capcom 3?

1/16/11 05:48 pm - gundamette - question regarding contributions!

 I just recently joined and noticed that the community has been sort of dead.
I made a deadpool mix and I wanted to contribute, but I wasn't sure if it was okay to post it here. 
Can someone tell me if it is or not? I wanna stick by the rules!


12/8/10 03:22 am - peur_evol - DEADPOOL: Swordplay

What a long strange trip it was.
This story here marks the end of Deadpool's career as a second stringer. This story leads directly into DEADPOOL #1 (the first of many first issues in Wade's history), and falls in line directly with the plot of that series: the search for Tolliver's secrets.
In this installment, DP gets a little help in eliminating the competition, as the Blood Wraith takes out two guys (called the "PLUG UGLIES" believe it or not) who were also trying to get their hands on Tolliver's weapons.

By Glenn Herdling, Mike Gustovich, and Ariane Lenshoek.
from AVENGERS #366, September 1993

6/16/10 09:00 pm - ts_soliloquy - In reply to last entry...!


5/10/10 10:05 pm - kiapurity - Deadpool apparently confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3

If anyone's familiar with the fighting game series from Capcom involving Marvel characters--

Deadpool has been recently added to the roster!



I can't wait for this game-- expecting a lot of Deadpool hilarity! :)

5/1/10 12:01 am - ts_soliloquy

Nrrrr, is it odd that I'm really nervous? Hiiii there, everyone. First time poster and I come bringing gifts in the form of a picspam?

(Also, would anyone know where this icon came from? I seem to have saved it from somewhere and can't remember where it came from.)

( “I shot him in the ass, with one of these! …What, I did.” )

4/29/10 01:00 am - teh_sm

I had just been sitting on these and then I thought "Know what, I can actually put these somewhere." So here ya go yo!

Deadpool [52 icons]
-- 2 Deadpool x Spiderman
-- 1 Cable x Deadpool
-- 28 Deadpool
-- 6 Outlaw
-- 5 Kidpool
-- 6 Lady Deadpool
-- 4 zombie nurses

1. 2. 3.

( Whatchu talkin' 'bout this cut is real )

4/28/10 12:20 am - chaos_wolf07 - Random Deadpool fanart

My husband apparently was motivated by seeing me use my Deviant Art site, so he wanted me to set his up for him.  3 hours of scan/crop/posting pictures was worth it when he presented a picture he'd been working on for me. 


I love him almost as much as I love Deadpool :)
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